"Horror Story" lyrics


"Horror Story"

well i was ten years old and reading about the headless remains
i asked my daddy what's a 'cadaver' and he took my book away
well i was stuck to those pages to those [?] terror
if i said i could forget well you know i'd be in error
i was smart in urban legends i read each and every letter
cos with each and every page they only kept on getting better
when the ouija board went crazy when i went and said hello
from my basement telling me i gotta go
then they warned me not to read those scary books before bed
so i left the town burnin' and stayed awake instead
got the baby sitter on the other line
no telling what the school's got in mind
it's a horror, horror, horror, horror night

there's an escaped mental patient on the radio news
let's go out for a drive just me and you
we can [?] making out under a weeping willow tree
we'll be hooked but before you know it just wait and see

beware the things that go bump in the night
it's a horror, horror, horror, horror night

someone's gotta go for gas and it's either you or me
someone's staying in the car that's the way it's gotta be
there's a driver right behind me with his high beams on
so i speed away fast and i try to get gone
in the backseat there's a crazy man i know i ain't got long
i'm screaming to myself 'it's just a story just a song'

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