"She Turned Your Head..." lyrics


"She Turned Your Head..."

She came to town last summer and I could see she turned your head not three weeks after we called it off you took up with her instead in March you promised it was over and I took you at your word 'til I caught the tail end of her ass slipping up your stairs and when your light flicked on I knew you had that bitch in your bed my eyes never left your window 'til all that whiskey had fucked with my head I realized nothing you'd been saying was true across the courtyard I kept watch and stopped believing in you you pulled me back into those sheets with a heatwave rolling in already heard about Dallas and the alley from all my so-called friends and on the fourth day of July you had the nerve to bring her out and I walked for hours on the hot sex-starved streets of this town so call out your minions 'cause she'll need their help this night if you want my opinion you lost your last chance with that light.

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