"Misery By Design" lyrics


"Misery By Design"

If you want I'll stay far away from you hold my tongue or slice it off if that's what you want then I'll stay far away from you ground the things we set aloft and burned them through a wasted premise: "we" drove until it died then passed it on but if it's really all that simple for you to destroy me then it looks to me like you are right where you wanted to be and it looks to me like it's not everything you thought it would be so enjoy it doll you're free enjoy it all if it's all the same then I'll stay far away from you I've apologized for long enough so what'd you expect 'cause I can't feel that sorry for any guy who'd call me a slut and you've learned to play the victim perfectly if everything's my fault you're not to blame for all your simpering diatribes on how I've caused you so much pain.

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