"For The Win" lyrics


"For The Win"

Eyes cast there's nothing more you need to say so should I meet you in a Milwaukee Ave. back alley or Mary's hallway and yeah I know this has to end 'cause you're just in it for the win I feel it every time I see you walk through the door and all those late night spills ended in morning-after pills that's why I'm glad you don't come around much anymore years pass and still you take everything you want these days it's (cough cough) vs. platitudes still I can't give you up and you might fight back but you know it's true and there's nothing you can say to deny it I'm your favorite piece of ass when you've got something to prove I still take it any time that you want it whether it's the floor of my van or a Dallas hotel room and now that you're over her I guess I've outlived my use.

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