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And in the end you took the easy way out so I let it go that seemed the easier route but I don't really feel like making you feel better about it don't worry I've done plenty of practicing these days I say goodbye more than anything and it's days like these that remind you why you learned how to tell such convincing lies you just shrug it all off and say everything's fine and when alaskan boys bear regretful smiles you return them all with the same flat eyes you think you're too old for this shit anymore but you try the other night you tried to explain I couldn't think what it would matter or why it would change things and darlin' you underestimated me every time you put your clothes on I'm so convinced it's over and still you keep comin' around you don't see what you're taking makes rules so we can break them and still you keep coming around but there's nothing I can say if that's just how you are nothing I can do to change your mind get us back to the way we thought things were I threw my hand down and walked away but I bet that you come back around some day.

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