"We're All Just Knights In Rusty Armor" lyrics


"We're All Just Knights In Rusty Armor"

Clouds split apart in two,
to let the light shine through with you
I'd go anywhere though people stop, they stare
We still won't even care
I seem to lose my breath with every stumbling step
I'm taking towards this girl
It seems the stars won't shine until our hearts entwine
She's going to change my world

Who said love's only for fairy tales I want you
I don't want nobody else
We'll take this world by storm
Get up, come on it's our last chance
Get up, come one let's take this dance
We'll never know disaster, happily ever after

Your eyes the perfect shade of green to me my perfect enemy
You know exactly how to
tear down my walls Come on, it's our last chance
Come on, let’s take this dance
And make this last forever and I promise you I'll never
Break your heart, it's time to start this happy ending
Let's stop pretending forever is too far

So save your wishes cause we've already got it all
Don't wait 'till dawn to find my arms
When midnight strikes we'll break out of these walls
And if the slipper doesn't fit can this poor boy be your prince?
Now we're tumbling down
And if the castle starts to fall
We'll run away and leave it all
Forget this whole disaster, happily ever after

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