"Do You Think It's Possible?" lyrics


"Do You Think It's Possible?"

Do you think it's possible
for the sun to rise up from the West?
Or is it impossible to love some but hate all the rest?
Do you think that you'd survive all the bombshells
and broken screams?
Is it worth it just to be alive
when one kiss could be your dearest dreams?
We all fall away, everybody has something to say...

Take it all, take it all away
She drops, she falls, she lays remembering the days
when she wasn't all alone
She let's another strike her a thousand times
So why can't she take her own life
The baby surprised, the baby it cries...

Do you think it's possible to move on from anything?
When everything is crumbling and you've got nothing to say?
And do you think it's possible
when the walls come crashing down
To brace the stones with your bare bones
and then you'll find a way?

Just take my hand, I'll take you away from here
You always felt better when he was near
Raises his hand and in a hostile tone
He says he'll be better when he's alone
We all fall away, everybody has something to say...

Raise your head breathe slow, not your time you know
All these feelings grow, let your feelings go

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