"December" lyrics



I know we never thought that this could be,
but distance is the only thing I see
Cause we're treading deeper water,
trying harder just to breathe
And every single broken memory of everything we only used to be
Only makes it so much harder, now I'm fighting just to sleep
I'm breaking down

Now I'm waiting and now I'm standing all alone
Searching for my way to get away, there is no way you're gone
But when you're hurt remember who I've given everything to
Because I never felt so cold 'til I was left alone,
and the world is falling through

The air was dancing cold upon our lips,
imagining the thought of our first kiss
Still that cold December day we met, was not as cold as this
Do you remember the burning embers,
beside the lungs inside our chests that drew
the breath to break the rest, I'm breaking down

Look at the stars right where you are
You know I'm coming for you
Look at the sky and wonder why You know I'm coming for you
Look for my face, time can't erase You know I'm coming for you
Reach for my lips, our destined kiss
You know I'm coming for you

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