"Coming Home" lyrics


"Coming Home"

I’m tired, and I don’t want to write anymore.
I don’t care about the shit that came before me.
This was for me, for me, for me!
And as selfish as this sounds:
I really need a break from all your doubt.
I don’t want see a familiar face right now.
First the art became too cold.
And the business broke my soul.
And I’ve lost faith in the only thing I’ve loved.
I can’t come home.
I can’t come home.
I’m sure you’ve heard of all the shitty things that I have done.
But good intentions turn to blame cuz I’d die for this; and I have died.
I hope your life goes great and you die when you get old.
And as selfish as this sounds:
You can and fuck yourself right now.
One day we’ll put this in the past.
And talk of how our lives went by so fast.
Though right now I want to stab you in the throat.
So don’t come home.
Don’t come home.
Don’t come home.
Don’t come home.
I’m on my way to a better place.
I feel as great as the day when I first had written “Stay.”
And bitch about who I was.
And as selfish as this sounds:
I don’t really give a fuck right now.
We’ve done so much and we’ve got so much left to go.
So go ahead and judge, and picture back who I was.
We’re moving on and the best is on it’s way.
I’m coming home, coming home, coming home.
I’m coming home.

Thanks to Christopher C. Garitee, Esq. for these lyrics

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