"Waiting Up" lyrics


"Waiting Up"

Monday eyes, blue shirt is faded.
A perfect smile is overrated. Who's got time for dress-up anyway?
Five days till I can breathe again.
Suffocate, well worth the wait. Right here, I'm all yours, my dear, tonight.
What can compare to this dimly lit masquerade shielding my hesitance, hold, the crowds now part.
And I see you again. Bright eyes, how will this one end?

Take care with a broken boy, is it worth it to you to try?
Take care with a broken heart, its not what it is, its not who you are.
You're tired sweetie, go to sleep, I'll be hanging on your dream.
Your heartbeat keeps time with mine, I'm waiting up so I can watch you fall asleep to me.

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