"Social Meltdown" lyrics


"Social Meltdown"

This is out of hand
You see no actions seem to regenerate
One man army battle cry
Well in darkness now it's so clear
The active surround you
Like rabid dogs
Like stupid songs
Locked in a cage
Cut your wrists
It's war on the world
This is your

(Social meltdown)
Everyday self-segregated
Now your life's a mess
(Hangs like a cloud)
All you see is the negative
You can't take one more breath

I get ill
But I just smoke the herb
Just drop that pill
Those black clouds will dissolve

This self-destructive scene
Force fed direction
Force fed routine
Mind exhausted on everything
I see neurosis in the mirror
Mind like a bomb
The fuse is lit
The time has come
In my remission I'll burn it all
You see these eyes
Take shelter

Seize the day
It's already yours
Seasons will change
Don't give up the fight
Don't sicken out

Headphones check
Hood up check
Got to hit the streets
'Cause my mind's a wreck
Got the pepper spray in my reach
I'm in deep thought
So don't go talking to me
If only you knew where I'm coming from
You'd run
Heaven I need a hug
Up from the grave it's got to give
Just trying to keep my mind positive

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