"Forgotten And Without A Boat" lyrics


"Forgotten And Without A Boat"

I guess when it comes down to the little things,
Family and love is all you need, but you were never a friend to me
When things get hard you hesitate
You question all the progress that we’ve made
This isn’t a one way street

Hello, little bird
What’s going through your head?
Did I mean anything?

I was here all along

When it all goes down
Will you be around?
When I ever need you
Will you be there?

Your love is like a ghost
Talked about but never shown
You let me down again
Conversations we have are like they never happened at all
You don’t care
If only you could see you do it so perfectly

So will you be there in the end?
A friend should always lend a helping hand
Instead you kick me when I am down
I’d rather you leave than pretend
You’re someone I’d never recommend to anyone else
You’re the worst
I am done with you
I am done

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