"Best Day Until Tomorrow" lyrics


"Best Day Until Tomorrow"

enjoy what'chas got, not what you have not
'tis a weak heart lamenting with sorrow
when the days seem cursed, it could always be worse
fight depression with sword and arrow

when the zeppelinous clouds of trouble abound
and thunder is clapping and lightning strikes ground
just when yer thinking this may be your last
throw a lash 'round the mast, hold fast!

when the world ain't right, and it smithes ye with strife
ye can now buckle down, it's a test they call life
very soon you will see what kind of animal you'd be
taking the bite outta life

when they're testing the gallows, yer hung like a dog
or they're marching us out to a firing squad
we just smile and recall all the good times we had
it's the best 'til tomorrow

it's the best day 'til tomorrow

no considering surrender when yer down in the dregs
if ye look down and notice you still have your legs
so stand up and fight you just might seize the day
it's the best day 'til tomorrow

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