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They say dream ain't enough for a broken heart, so i stopped dreaming.
And the stars in the sky have lost all their meaning,
well so have i and tonight i'm leaving,
To fight in a war without a cause to kill some time
and to find some piece of mind,
To break the hold that you've had on me
and to set my heart and soul free.

Yeah you were an angel, the angel of death,
you blew my mind and ripped out my insides.
And i was the love child of heaven and hell,
i wore my heart on my sleeve
But you broke that as well when you said;
Don't look back if you're expecting to see me
'Cause i won't be there,
I've given up on you...

'Cause when i needed help you weren't around...
Then you'd pick me up to shoot me down...
I'm sick of you preaching
Give me something to believe in 'cause i'm not fooling around...

I needed help but no one was around...
You'd pick me up to shoot me down...
I'm sick of you preaching
Give me something to believe in
This time i'm not fooling around...
You see it's over this time, i signed my name on the dotted line,
i told you i missed you but i couldn't kiss you
I'd never felt so strange until i jumped on that plane when i left that night...
Because i found a note in my pocket
Of hope...
Saying "when you left, i didn't expect to feel
like half my soul had been ripped from my insides"
You said you never meant to let me go, or ever let me down.
"And i'll never forget, the memories we stored in that glass jar behind your door,
or the kiss that we shared until we both passed out on the floor...
I fell in love with you but you were not mine to fall in love with
I fell in love with you, now i must apologize and say goodbye...
But will you ever come back home?"

I'll never come back home...

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