"Until The End" lyrics


"Until The End"

I feel this anger running through my veins and I don't know why.
Everyday feels the same. Can't explain.
No time to pacify, no time to let it rest.
Real friends, I keep them close to my chest,
like a bullet proof vest, and they never try to test.
They don't always need to know best.

Sometimes they give you shit that is hard to digest.
They be honest to you and what's next.
Even more importantly, even when they treat you wrong they will confess.
And they will only stay if you stay the same.
Don't play any games if you want it to remain.
A strong relationship is hard to maintain.

We will stay like this until the end.
Real people don't have to pretend and they defend their friends until the end.
I feel this anger, running around in my head and I don't know why.
Your lies only magnifies, I'm burning inside.
You got up on your high horse to glorify and sell yourself like the best of friends.
A real businessman on descend, never know what you intend.
I will take actions depending on what my psychiatrist recommend.
You are driven by success. I am closing up behind and you feel the stress.
But I have to come close in order to find out what the price tag says.

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