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No one could disregard the fact that we always go hard
when we step into the studio and when we record.
We started the band when I was sixteen,
went up the stage with low self-esteem.
Remember people like you, you thought you were supreme.
That's it, wow we're wiping out your whole team.

Keep on picking on the weak, we take you down.
When you sneak and your ego peak, we take you down.
When you try to move and hide, we come to your town.
When people like you come around.

We just took some time off to park, you dogs went online and started to bark
with silly remarks that just lit the spark.

This is complete homicide, when we push your breakdowns aside,
bring the real shit designed to satisfy something your fans finally identify.

This is from the HBC CREW.
Telling people who talk shit and have no fucking clue
that the unsinkable ship would stay true
to all friends, traitors, haters, enemies and even you.
5 years away and you got cold feet
and there was no other band to put on repeat.
But guess what, Raised is back in the front seat
with a clean sheet, bringing serious heat.

Look at the clock.
The unsinkable ship loaded up and ready to undock.

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