"Slipping Into Coma" lyrics


"Slipping Into Coma"

It’s time to realize that our stay on this planet is just temporary.
Everyday we come closer to the end by bursting out in rivalry.
The tension, anger and anxiety puts a mental mark on us, don't you agree?
When we look up in the sky,
standing on our knees begging that the documentaries
on Discovery are just fucking lies on the TV screen.

People tell me to be less pessimistic,
but I 'm just trying real hard to be realistic.
I feel my anger rise as I’m witnessing
that people are slipping into coma.

People are spending dollars on water tapped in fancy bottles.
And don't you agree?
The gesture is not so much an act of stupidity.
It 's just a sign of our destructive mentality.
When we look into the pacific sea,
and find a continent of plastic so unreal.
We know how to shrug it off our shoulders,
what a fucking valuable ability.
Indeed the human race made its mark, soon this will be over.
All of this provoked me into writing this piece,
we must be slipping into a coma.

Thanks to Hertz Island Escapader for these lyrics

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