"To Hell With Them" lyrics


"To Hell With Them"

Please take my hand. I’m a lonely man a product of lost innocence. I am “arrogant, self centered, and a hypocrite” help me out if you feel there’s a topic I might of missed. Look at this smile I could give a fuck what you think. Watch me sell my soul I am wool in a city that is covered in gold. Even gold grows old in the eyes of a beggar who is begging for more. Now I’ve been begging and I’ve been pleading I told myself I’d soon be leaving. But this self healing is so appealing. How could I not stay for another round. Really who the fuck are you to judge. To hell with the rest of them. We all know who you are. As you beg for forgiveness. Pardon my lack of interest. We are all slowly sipping. From the well filled with wishes.

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