"Severed Wings And Open Wounds" lyrics


"Severed Wings And Open Wounds"

I fall to my knees
please just take mercy on me.
Another tear falls from the sky,
a swan swims in the waters I supply.
From headache to heartache
to not giving a fuck
my hollow heart beats in my blackened chest
as I lay your body down to rest.
Now when you're sleeping
tell me do you ever dream of me,
dream of the rivers flooding and floating down the street
under the sun that hasn't shined in weeks.
Now when I'm sleeping
I watch it with a smile of my face
watch the swan drown under the rivers race
as an end to my cathartic days.
There's no love under this winter sun.
Now I've been dreaming of something beautiful,
cut the wings from an angels back
now you're as ugly as the rest of them.
There's no love under this winter sun.

Take my hand. Walk with me,
past the river to the sea.
I painted the canvas
I saw beauty
I painted the swan
I left out the heart.
Cherish this moment
cherish this moment that we have.
I traded love
I traded love for lust like the rest of them.
Leave your heart at the door.
Welcome the sin, welcome her lips,
welcome her hips, you can't hurt from this.
Run from the riverbed where all the swans are dead.
There's no love between you and her bed.
Bite your tongue when you say the word love.
I guess this is what forever means to us.
Another night, another fight,
raise your glass for what's in store tonight.
The noose is set and I'm ready to jump
here's a kiss darling for good luck.
Now I've become numb to the thought of us.
The boys say all the lines that role right past you
they want to fuck you I just want to hold you.
They hold you, they hold you.
Now I'll find comfort in-between these sheets
and I'll find comfort in between her knees.
Another day and another face
another night and nothings changed.
I swam with the swan
I drowned in her love
now here's my heart
because I no longer give a fuck.

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