"Heaven Knows No Hollow Road" lyrics


"Heaven Knows No Hollow Road"

When did I become the apple of your eye. How did I end up in between your thighs. When did this wrong become a right. Why did I decide to stay the night. Now I’ve been running and running away. From all the shit that leaks out between your teeth. But tonight I can’t seen to shake the fact that you’re here and here with me. The glass is filled and the table is set. The time is now so please savor it. I am two shots away from embarrassment. But the liquor in Ny blood is ok with it. Now I’ve been running a muck, and tonight I feel like im shit out of luck. Another night of lying in your bed. Another night of wishing I was dead. I engulfed the wine but I refused the bread. Holy fuck here we go again. I was once such a good fucking kid. Believed in true love said my prays before dead. Now I’m here amongst the walking dead. No morals no values just dust in the wind. This liquor this smoke has me dying within. I will smile to god but friend devil and sin. Be accepted to heaven but hells gates I will live. Hell gates I will live. Devil let me in. I am home. I am home. This J’s the life I’ve been meaning to know. Walk alone. Walk alone. Every road has been paved in gold. I’ve been running a muck.

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