"Dine With The Devil" lyrics


"Dine With The Devil"

Dine with the devil, see me I’m an honest man. Everyone dying, welcome the latest trend. Gutters aren’t for lovers they’re home to the widowed whore. Everyone’s singing but you’ve all heard these songs before. Now I’m out with these bad intentions no heart no soul in the songs you’re singing. You’re all egotistic kings lined up in a row let the beheading begin. All you mother fuckers. You set your standards as high as gutters. See me I’m a skilled full lover I belittle the though of fucking like others. All you pretty little singers with your pretty little songs and all you mother fucking fans that love to sing a king. Shove your tongue right down my throat. Taste the blood from these rusty notes. Black tied love affairs cocaine and electric chairs we are all so unprepared to meet the man who brought us here. But when that water turns to wine. Hallelujah to the life of mine. I must be doing fine im in a pen with the most pompous of swine. Oh mother I am coming home. I sold my soul to pay the debts we owe. Dine with the devil no one is an honest man. Everyone’s dying I’ll die with this gun in hand. Gutters are for lovers romance is for the morbid and bored. I’ll keep on singing but you’ve all heard these songs before.

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