"Bottle Throated Kings" lyrics


"Bottle Throated Kings"

I will die with this gun in my hand. I’m sorry love I’m not a family. I keep this bottle right by my side. Don’t worry love I’ll doing fine. Now I’ve been damned to the gates of hell, and ive been sent here to poison the well. New blood runs through these veins. You are not fit to bare my name. You are empty and hollow but there are no tales of your sorrow. Pardon me see I let myself in. I’m not welcomed amongst bitter men. It’s bullshit you write when the ink leaves the pen. The pile we’re in well it’s wearing me thin. Tell me again about the wife that you wed. Tell me again about your fucked up kids. I’ll smile, laugh, seem humored and awed. But Insecurity is your flaw when the words leave your jaw. Take a look at me now I wear the top in a room full of the loneliest clowns watch me make my rounds. Take a look at me now chasing bottle with these girls in this fucked up town come and bare my crown. Bury me. Bury me amongst the kings that don’t hear a thing. My ears ring when you start to sing.

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