"Bloodlust" lyrics



Oh lord I have done it again. I am quick with the words I am fast with an end. My cold knife runs though your chest. As your blood runs to my wrist. When the fuck did I become so good at this. Your bones are bot worth baring. My heart is not worth sharing. You are merely flesh to me. You are not worth caring. Fall into the bed we keep. Crave for the warmth of me. Rest your head on my buckled knees. We are the company we keep. Close your eyes let the iron meet the wine. Now you will always be just mine. Oh lord there is blood on my gut. Oh lord it is you who I trust. This is the meaning of true love. Your a drunk I’m in love with this lust. I am addicted to blood I am killing for trust. I am not who I said I once was I wear these gloves to hide from those who I love. I feel nothing by your side but I feel so alive when the iron meets the corner of your thigh. Let the river run red. Drowning in the blood from your veins. Oh love of mine you are never going home.

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