"Black Lungs" lyrics


"Black Lungs"

Everyone is watching us smile applaud let them know you’re watching to. Savor the night close your eyes you will be just fine. I promise tonight is the beginning of the rest of your life. The match is struck and I’m ready to burn down this house. Let the smoke fill your lungs as you realize what you’ve done. Everybody loves a narcissist I’m so proud of you son. Bury me under the ashes of this home I once loved. Dear god please help me. Deliver me from this morbid sin. Dear god please help me. I have no care for what I’ve just done. I am soaking wet but I’m not choking on this regret. Let the river wash away any evidence of this. Hang me out to dry dont let the blood rush to my head I am up to my neck in this fucking bullshit. I am everything I never wanted to be. Black lungs. No one would have expected this. My shit eating grin across your shit covered lips. Black lungs oh how it burns in my chest. The taste of your lips oh how they taste of regret. Go on get the fuck out of here. No one has to ever know. It’s so easy to forget what you know you will regret. Bottle up my emotions let me unzip your dress. I’m so far gone. Black lungs.

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