"Tommy Was" lyrics


"Tommy Was"

Tommy was a friend of mine
Who was always doing things wrong
But times passed by and he asked me why
He started to think and why he was always with a drink
Well I made Tommy promise me
That we'd always be hooligans
But times passed by he was left behind
Still I won't crack no - I won't look back

I'll tell you a story of a two year legacy
Fist after fist couldn't break our backs so we dropped our baseball bats
A way-to-go Tommy with his boots & bike chain
We skated the streets to the Rancid beat
Spiked our hair every day of the week

I say it with conviction
The boot boys
Long live the punk rock girls
And the hooligans

This is my tale of those two years
Yeah now he's left but I'm still here and I meant every single world
So I won't look back for Tommy 'cause I know that things change
For better or worse you can't rehearse the problems that come and go



Don't tell me you were a boot boy
Tell me that you're still a boot boy
Don't tell me you're somebody's toy - HEY HEY

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