"Piccadilly Line" lyrics


"Piccadilly Line"

Some say time will wait for no man
You turn around and then it's gone
Some say nothing ever goes to plan
All things wrong, All day long
Some will pass the buck
as they follow a mouse-trail
singing a rodent's song

But there we stood united
at the stop for the Piccadilly Line.
You cannot foresee the signs that lie
waiting at the crossroads in your life.
You can believe them,
but not everything they say is gold-dust.
It's deceiving
and you have to take it on trust
(go on and take it all on trust)

Some say they do, but they don't
Some say they will, but they won't
(You know they won't)
Some are easy - come and go
Now you see me, now you don't
Some will rise
and some will fall in the ratrace
Singing a rodent's song


There's just one thing
I'd like to share
Before you go alone out there
Solitary is the heart of the lonely,
but now, solidarity,
it is the hearts of many

(So what's it gonna be?)

Some will say they're fighting for God,
Queen and country or the president's gas.
Some will say they're dying for lower,
working or middle-class.
Some will say they're fighting for left-wing,
right-wing full of violence.
Some will say they're dying for a promise of pie
and gladly remain silent.

Some say all we do is fight [x3]
Maybe all we do is fight

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