"Mind Ghetto" lyrics


"Mind Ghetto"

Well I’ve been
Travelling so low, uncovering what
Thy forbid I know by unraveling my
Soul, to publicize the unlucky plateau
Melody go fracture stone, let it be
Known that the walls will not persist
Into the slum now sir, love is
A vibration that will not go

My mind's a ghetto
And I’ve got to clean up
Down here I’m told
Stories of Babylon and spiritual war
"It won't bother you when you're knelt
Down here on the god-damn floor now
We want your vow, you lost step a
Million miles ago you're not sure
Which way to go,
Just how far you know gather all, gather round,
Gathered up on scars, oh no oh yeah,
Retrace your steps to the stoop at the
Steeple’s steps and try to find the
Strength to repay all your debt"

My mind's a ghetto
Hey I don't wear a halo
My mind's a ghetto and I’ve got to clean up

Well I’ve been travelling solo on
Down where the mind forbids I go
I’ll keep sinking further, I’m going to find
How low that I can go
It’s about time I
Gather all pretense, nail it to the
Wall and slip away unnoticed yes
Hello good sir, is there a lesson you
Give that I let loose and missed well

I’ve been travelling so low on down
Where the mind forbids I go and I keep
Sinking further, just to find how low
We go my mind's a GHETTO

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