"Carry On" lyrics


"Carry On"

You'll never know what you've done for me
Through the days and nights together care free.
I long for the day that I make you my own
And I cherish the times that we spent in our home.
I love you my girl, yer heart and yer soul,
So thankful you've dragged me right out of this hole.
Punk rock princess forever I'll spend,
Each penny on you my true friend, yeah.

And I know - And I know
Life gets harder as you will discover but,
Carry on - Carry On

For you I would look the devil in the face
And I'd search ten times over for amazing grace.
I don't have much money, but I do have the time,
To spend with you baby, till the day that I die.

Well most days are good yeah, but some might be bad.
And together they both will conquer this land.
I've said and thought it and know that it's true,
That girl was made just for you!


Carry on, carry on, carry on


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