"Beer Bong Vomitorium" lyrics


"Beer Bong Vomitorium"

There's a Party House I know about that's miles outside of town
A den of vice and sickness of infamy and renown
A million dollar mansion with graffiti on the walls
Servants bearing frothing pitchers skateboard up & down the halls
Sellout major label bands that beg to play this place
There equipment all gets stolen and the crowd spits in there face
There's an endless loop of snuff films on the big screen in the den
The bouncer at the door's armed with a tazor and a sten
Its a cross between a roman orgy, times square sex show punk-rock party
A manic beer soaked punk fest in a castle on a hill and it starts on Friday night
And then it lasts the weekend long
Theres mistress Lisa's dungeon for anyone who wands a flogging
The bars got top-shelf liquor and forget about the bill
Cause its two dollars at he door if you bring your own beer-bong
GG Allin's freeze-dried body's in a glass case in the lobby
Theres porno stars performing on the 2nd stage upstairs
And Traci lords filmiest in the auditorium
Watch the fireworks on LSD all the booze and drugs ore free
The neighbors all live miles away and so nobody cares
About the sickness of the beer-bong vomitorium
Toilet slaves in all the jons beg to eat your feces
Chef tell is in the kitchen cooking up endangered species
Mandatory beer-bongs every hour on the hour
Speed heaped up on the mirrors like five pound bags of flour
People getting bare assed and fuckin on the lawn
All the junkies get free fixes and they do on the Jon
Some drunkard in the backyard got a lawn dart in the eye
Its really not a party there until somebody dies
Sobriety is such a bore
Drink and puke and drink some more
At the beer-bong vomitorium
At the beer-bong vomitouium
Beers on tap in all the sinks
Drink to live and live to drink
At the beer-bong vomitorium
At the beer-bong vomitorium

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