"Feels Like Frostbite" lyrics


"Feels Like Frostbite"

That December was colder than I’ve ever felt before
The feelings that reside inside of me
Still won’t go away

It felt so innocent thinking all winter about you
It felt like frostbite letting you go tonight
Letting you go

You’ve been that someone for so long now
I get the feeling that you’re willing to fill the void
I hope you’re feeling this
I hope you’re feeling this too

It felt so innocent now that I’m here lying with you
It felt like frostbite but you’re still here tonight
But you’re still here
You lit a small spark within my heart
That started a fire greater than I would ever expect

I’m looking back at the roads we’ve traveled
I’m always hiding in your shadow
You’ve always been the light for me

The feelings escape and leave a blank space
That I’ll never fill
If I weren’t to fall in love with you

This has been felt before but never quite like this

Believe me I’m thankful
So glad that I met you
And I know there’s still more to come from this

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