"Delusions" lyrics



You’re just so cute as you’re standing there
I know only the best will come of this
The sun shines so bright these days
Then that night came and everything changed

You’re wrong dear
You lie, you cheat, then repeat, there’s no undoing it
I said last time
Clean up your act or I’ll ruin your life

You don’t know what you’re in for
Now your innocence is gone
I was still thinking you were my everything
But you killed that dream
Now I’m rebuilding
I’ve figured it out, I’ve figured you out
And the story you left me with
Won’t fool me now

There’s still a light shining around you
But you never came back to
Our hopeful disaster, I hope you remember
It led to this

If this wasn’t it when does it end?
I will have my revenge
So watch your back as I begin taking everything you thought was right
You messed with the wrong man
I will have my revenge

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