"Factories" lyrics



I built this life for you
With my own two hands
You've been sneaking around
You've been with another man

And I hope you know
Bloody well what you've done to me
When I come home
From the factory

I make a plan
Maybe you know
I'm a jealous man
And what goes around comes around
You took the car
Said you're leaving town

We can play hide and go seek
But baby I'm playing for keeps
And down by the Don Valley Creek
The water is dirty and deep
Leave you under the overpass
With the broken glass
By the factories

Far as I'm concerned
You had it all
And you'll get what you deserve
'Cause what goes around comes around
And I'll slip away
Without a sound

And they will drag me through the night
And in the dawn
And they'll hang me for what I have done

Baby it's alright
I will be seeing ya soon
When the floor of the gallows
Drops away I will think of you

When there's nothing left to lose
Shave my hair and shine my shoes
Hanging from the noose
Any last words
Better say it now
I guess I was right
What goes around comes around

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