"Punching Billy Mitchell With A Fistful Of Quarters" lyrics


"Punching Billy Mitchell With A Fistful Of Quarters"

I won't let you rain on my parade
From this day on this ship sets sail on the sunniest of days
Try as you might, but you could never take away
The friends I've made or the goals I have in sight.
I'll break down the walls that you have built for me
And maybe then I could show the world exactly what I can achieve

I've spent my life
Waiting for a good sign
To show me that I did fine
And make me feel right
With all the nights I've spent
Fighting for my own pride
I can finally say that
I've got the high score in life.

I have been held back so many times
You can't tell me how to live my life
I won't give in to another trick you keep
Hidden up your sleeve to try and hold me back again
Write this down so you can face the facts
You can try to sneak past one wolf, but you can't sneak past the pack.

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