"Refusing To Be A Man" lyrics


"Refusing To Be A Man"

I'm not gonna try and tell you that I'm different from all the rest.
I've been subject to the same de-structure of desire, felt the same effects.
I'm a hetero-sexist tragedy.
And potential rapists all are we. Yeah.
But don't tell me this is natural. This is nurturing.
And there's a difference between sexism and sexuality.
I had different desires prior to my role remodelling.
And at six years of age, you don't challenge their claims. You become the same
Or withdraw from the game and hang your head in shame.
I think that's exactly what I did.
I tried to sever the connections
Between me and them.
I fought against their further attempts to convince a kid that birthright can bestow
The power to yield the subordination of women. And do you know
What patricentricity means? I found out just a couple of days ago.
It means male values ├╝ber alles and whaddaya know!
Sex has been distorted and vilified. I'm scared of my attraction to body types.
If everything desired is objectified, then maybe eroticism needs to be redefined.
And I refuse to be a man.

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