"The You Show" lyrics


"The You Show"

You’re the only one in the room wherever you go. As far as you’re concerned, who the hell is anyone else when there’s you, preening and posturing? What’s left when all you do is take, with no regard for those who break? We should expect autonomy or at the very least, decency. But that is not the case. You’ve learned to serve only yourself. Every choice is made based on what you hope to gain. Even your helping hand is cheap. You seek the acclaim. You play the same old games. You’re insane if you think that anything you’ve done with your intentions is truly great. When all your color turns to gray and your vigor has withered away... When you’re alone in that bed and everyone has left… Will you see the error of your ways? And think why this reckoning came so late. Living solely for yourself ensures that’s all you have to show. Your time has ended and you never lived.

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