"The Real You" lyrics


"The Real You"

Explain to us your macho personality.
Come to terms with all of your insecurities.
What is it you’re compensating for?
Do you have the resolve to be yourself?
To abandon all concern for what we think of you.
Curb your craving for attention that you’re getting in all the wrong ways.
It’s not what you are on the outside.
What counts is who you are inside.
This is not what makes you a man and I will never understand
why you’re constantly challenging anyone and everyone.
I think it’s time we break you down.
See what’s left of your identity.
The façade you want the world to see.

Your mask is wearing thin.
Our fear is not setting in.
We know the lies that hold you down.
We see the chains that keep you bound.
The face you couldn’t show.

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