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This is the voice that bellows from within. It can’t be talked down. It can’t be reasoned with. This beast smiles wide with your innermost desires. It calls you friend to keep you coming back again. Its hunger is insatiable when trying to starve it out. And when your thirst becomes too much, it offers you its cup. Disguised as your design, it takes over your mind. It’s always there to pull you down when you’re on the ground. You feel a sweet caress as it’s tearing into flesh, taking more and more until you find that nothing’s left. Oh how softly it purrs and beckons to be heard, with words spoken from a forked silver tongue: “It can’t be done!” And here you are, listening with biased ears. You hear exactly what you want to hear. It’s never too late for you to achieve what you started to. Even as your anger swells, draw it up into yourself. Rally yourself against this faceless foe. Erase your despair and fill it up with hope. Always know what you hold inside: The will to try and the strength of mind.

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