"Over Time" lyrics


"Over Time"

The mirror shows a stranger
and what’s strange is you don’t know how this came to be.
It moved so fast, this plague, coursing through your veins.
A thousand trials, a thousand failures you couldn’t overcome.
The end result of all your hurting has left you undone.
You search for the easiest way to make the pain delay, but it will remain.
Your burden rages on inside and is only kept at bay.
And today is the day the crutch you’ve been walking on for so long gives out.
Will you be left on the ground forsaking everyone that extends a helping hand?
Or will you finally accept our love that’s always been and will always be.
I see strength in your heart that was never lost.
You just forgot. I won’t rest until I see it restored.
I love you too much to watch you fall.

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