"Place Blame Here" lyrics


"Place Blame Here"

Overwhelmed by the weight, current state of the world it gets tough to hold my head up high
As Cracking a Smile feels like a task now, it feels so unfamiliar
These Streetlamps and cross-walks, a drafty night I realize
that in the constant face of negativity I'll strive with one thing in mind:

Make me your favorite scapegoat, (I have myself)
if that's what you need for your self security
It's not gonna be affecting me,
I got this one thing you can't deny
I always have me by my side

Overwhelmed by the weight of criticism and constant disbelievers
I find their words now as a fuel to this burning fire inside as
You only push me forward, you could never hold me back
Attack me with what you can, I won't lay down, I take my stand
I will always have myself by my side
You Can't Deny This
You Can't Deprive This

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