"Locked And Loaded" lyrics


"Locked And Loaded"

Influence is a fucking disease, we all are infected,
no injection can save us, (this is a blasting zone)
We lose limbs in this space that we've created.
A time bomb in ourselves, now,
Tic-Tic pull this trigger is all gone,
pull this trigger its all gone.

We make mistakes, not mendable
Broken hearts forget forgiveness

The doors are opened, will we walk through them?
Will you forget everything you've been told and start to learn?

Plastic touch, makes me ill
I feel chills roll down my spine with time,
This virus turns airborne
It enters tracheas, it infects these lungs.
Each breath of you infects these lungs

I need a messiah to save me. Pull this trigger and you'll save me
These are the mistakes, shattered, not mendable,
gather the broken glass label it in a jar as leftovers of my heart

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