"Take The Cinder Path" lyrics


"Take The Cinder Path"

This is not a waste of time
And now I can tell you why
'cos I didn't know what it was we hide
So if theres one thing I can take from this
Was that I should have known ignorance is bliss

I'm kicking myself for putting trust in you

Just when we thought we were done
What is that you say my son
You don't take to the way that were inclined?
One thing we can use this song as
Is a means to say how you don't captivate our minds
I'm kicking myself

Draw the line and help yourself
There is a task awaiting you I'm sure
But I am glad I'm not part of your life
(I hope the feeling is mutual)

Why did you not state - when I couldn't find my why?
I'll tell you its the way you're made
I know that you're all the same
Feed horse shit day after day
But we wont eat from your plate

Well hello sir
Fuck you

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