"Wrong From Day One" lyrics


"Wrong From Day One"

It's funny how these things work out
But not to be taken lightly
They took him away from her and set us up for each other

Does it show that every time I thought of you
Was every time I wished her in my arms
Don't worry yet
In this moment you are gone and still I'm too afraid to tell her

Weeks are days
These days are ours
Our time is getting closer

Breaking down, not holding out
Shows that we're taking this lightly
Time flies by when you think you're in love
It's better that we stop and stay young forever

It never fails, how things will work out for us both in the end
You loved and lost, then figured out
Girls just can't break the bond between friends

Does it show that every night I spent with her
Never seemed so right to me at all
Don't worry yet
In this moment everything's fine cause I'm too afraid to tell her

Thanks to Shawn for these lyrics

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