"I'll Be Just Fine" lyrics


"I'll Be Just Fine"

I need to get a drink
Get these thoughts out of my head
And find some worse ones instead
And I'll probably regret them
I'll be just fine

I want to dream (drink) this night away
And forget about it all in the morning
It'd be worth a finer life
Or something I can say about my night
That I was worth, four words:
I will never learn

And I'm the one making all these mistakes,
Well I'm hitting the gas, you're hitting the breaks
I can't help it if its gets me where I'm going,
I can't help if it's my life I'm holding on
Up on a pedestal for everyone one to see,
The real deal the escape artist inside of me

Everybody's pushing I can almost see the edge
Well I'm barely hanging on.
And I grew up like this now, how could I ever change this song
Whys life so short, so long.

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