"Scaring The Kids" lyrics


"Scaring The Kids"

You say that you're scared, well I'm scared too.
Looking down at graves, it's not me it's you.
Well on the plus side, there's not one at all.
Discussing this tonight, I'm just glad it's fall, at all.

Turn my phone off, and force myself to sleep.
Lying here with my eyes closed, couldn't be further from dreams.
I've stared for too long, the words they don't make sense.
I'm lacking both souls, shoes worn from the fence.

Holding on's not enough to hold this all together.
Even brick houses fall at the slightest change of weather.
Track myself to believe two ones will give me three.
But even I'm not dumb enough to believe that you're in love with me.

That's fine.
Don't even have to show me a sign.
That's fine.
'Cause all you've got is time.

That's fine.
Even though this well is dry.
That's fine.
'Cause we're all meant to fly.

You're bare, you can have my shirt it's fine.
Your eyes can't compare, everyone else is blind.
Open up all the doors now, and step out one by two by three.
The fire's siren song will plea,
Won't you fall in love with me?

That's fine.
I'll hold up all the signs.
That's fine.
There is nothing left but time.

And that's fine.
There's no "you" in "I."
That's fine.
Why stop all this tonight?
We'll stop all this tonight.

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