"This Is Our Emergency" lyrics


"This Is Our Emergency"

When you've finally thrown up your hand
Poured your heart out, yet nothing stands
It seems our efforts are wasted
But yet it hasn't been in vain

Unfulfillment is killing you
Seems like no one shares the same view
We may have never met but
It might you who pulls me through

Stand up so I can see you
Shout out so I can hear you
Reach out so I can touch you
This is our emergency

Baby you don't have to be
A picture in a magazine
Sometimes you're to blind to see
Anything objectively
Just keep on doing your thing right now

Listen here take it from me
We're gonna do it differently
They'll follow when you start the lead
Strength in numbers is our key
Keep on doing your thing you do now

Don't forget that when you doubt
That anyone will care about
A thing you do and when you're lost
Someone else is always found
A thousand voices, are you listening?

The tiny spare that you create
It can inspire and duplicate
And soon it spreads from state to state
From Williamsburg to Silverlake
A thousand voices, are you listening?

This is our emergency

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