"The Morning After" lyrics


"The Morning After"

Never vote for but I'll vote against. Corporation world dominance
There's a time bomb ticking its your arrogance. You're not the center of the universe
Prey upon the public's fears. Bait and hook with smoke and mirrors
Those opposed slandered fanatic. Power corrupts so automatic

Brothers in this struggle united in this fight
We toil and we labor for the commons plight

From the alter of hypocrisy. Forcefeed the masses your theocracy
Then tell the world God is on your side. But only send the poor to fight and die
Obscure coffins from the medias eyes. What do you say when a Mother asks why
Their sons keep dying in Iraq. While the poor get poorer and the rich get fat

Is it justice or vengeance that you seek. While Saddams in jail Bin Laden breathes
Take freedom away to spread democracy. Subvert the truth for your policy
Another car bomb n the name of Islam. Another dead American another orphan
How many more have to die. Before what you're selling no one will buy

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