"Rise Up" lyrics


"Rise Up"

The riot squads got their gas masks on, the arms of the state have grown too strong
A gun and a badge crack the megaphone, tellin us now our rights are gone
Big Brother in the sky like a steel vulture, tracking human prey for the power structure
From Seattle to Sacto to Fla, the police trample my liberty

Resist and riot, rise up and fight. Resist and fight, rise up and riot

History hasn't ended time marches on, the road to justice is far too long
From Mathew to Thoreau to MLK, what's true back then stays true today
When the sons of freedom wont tow your line, the bill of rights becomes a crime
No more apathy open your eyes, rise up now its revolution time
From Vietnam to the streets of Baghdad, the hell of Beirut to Afghanistan
Working class heroes they give their lives, while our leader's sons are never sent to die
Revolution is patriotism

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