"Relentless" lyrics



See the parasites waiting in line
Cunning and scheming to fake whats mine
Once again caught in the crossfire
In the land of palm trees and barbed wire
See them come and go in and out the door
Leading lives of coke dope and gunfire

I seen it all before yeah it's knockin at the door
Yeah Ill see it all again it'll never end
Seen it everyday it will never go away
Will it ever end

You find your courage running in the pack.
You prey on the weak but I'll fight back
One thing that I learned is life is pain
The more things change they remain the same
So I lay waste to those who try to doubt me
I'm from downtown Sac ask about me

Murder, truth. Tasted sweat of life's regret
And I've spilled blood for those I love
True till death remain relentless

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