"Nowhere To Turn" lyrics


"Nowhere To Turn"

There's nowhere to turn
Then I'll turn to you
When my hopes run out
Together we'll pull through

Gunshots out my window
Someone's dyeing out in the street
A new king has been crowned
He's bound for the same defeat
In a world so full of hate, you know I've been betrayed
After all is said and done, all the questions still remain


Has fate brought us together?
I say it rips Us apart
Some say life means nuthin
I say its time to start
Battle scarred, and weary
Still I struggle on
Working through the day
Living for whats beyond
Is redemption on its way?
Has vengeance interrupted?
Did I start another war?
My will been corrupted?
My fists they bare the scars of many a street fight
My memory burns with visions
Of endless drunken nights


Are we any better men for living through this hell?
Is it just too soon to know, just too soon to tell?
All dreams are abandoned
All dreams are pushed aside
Spit in dangers face, or betrayed by time

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