"Never Walk Alone" lyrics


"Never Walk Alone"

It's last call, my money's spent
Face the day, wonder where it went
Cycle keeps going strong
Still we all struggle on
Hope for a future, a brighter day
An honest union, a better wage
Work for today to make ends meet
Never say die refuse defeat

The state, the world
As time goes on
Hand in hand
You'll, never walk alone
All commoners gather round
Union's gonna be the only way on thru

Fat cats bloated with their excess
My life's blood feeds their success
Made me a number erased my name
Soon you'll lose this vicious game
So make your mark, stake your claim
Divided no more as we take aim
Your cowardice has sealed your fate
Heads held high, remember our face


Never walk alone
You'll never walk alone
Never walk alone
You'll never walk alone!

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